In my role as a Senior Web Designer at, I am adept at redesigning websites and email campaigns using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Currently, I am focusing on the 2023 PowerUp event project and several other exciting projects in the pipeline.


Senior Web Designer


2020 - Present


Adobe Ps, Ai, Xd, Wordpress, JIRA, Salesforce, Sketch, Figma, HTML, CSS, ADA, and much more. web and email image example


six website examples image

I have attached six examples of the websites I have developed, providing only a glimpse into the extensive portfolio of projects I have worked on. These samples demonstrate the diverse range of websites I have created and showcase my capabilities. Throughout my experience, I have consistently prioritized responsiveness across all devices and ensured compliance with ADA accessibility standards.

In my work, I have utilized various platforms including WordPress, SalesForces (Cloudpages), and others, while leveraging technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GitHub. This adaptability has allowed me to cater to different project requirements and deliver successful outcomes. Additionally, I have a proven track record in creating and managing email campaigns to effectively promote numerous events and websites. This further demonstrates my ability to strategize and execute marketing initiatives.


email mockups examples image

I'm delighted to present to you a carefully curated selection of emails that I have designed and developed using HTML5 and CSS within the Salesforce and Pardot platforms. Before the development process, I created wireframes and mockups in Figma, ensuring that every aspect is meticulously optimized for various devices and platforms. This meticulous approach guarantees that your message will captivate and leave a lasting impression, regardless of where it is viewed. I have a wide range of email designs available, tailored for events, product announcements, and partner outreach.

Furthermore, I have placed special emphasis on developing these emails in compliance with ADA standards. This ensures that they are accessible to all users and partners, including those with disabilities. The commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is a top priority for me.

tablet and mobile email mokcup image

Other Projects

Other in house projects image

As a passionate designer, I worked on four distinct design projects, each of which I thoroughly enjoyed. For an in-house event, I created a playful and exciting logo that generated enthusiasm among employees. Additionally, I designed stickers, portal banners, and an interactive kiosk agenda that all received positive feedback from users.