Concierge Choice Physician

As a Graphic Web Designer at CCP, I designed great websites for doctors and created printed collateral for their offices. View Site


Graphic Web Designer


2017 - 2019


Creative Cloud, Weebly, Mailchimp, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and more.

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The ccp website in different devices image

I had the fantastic opportunity to design 9+ pages and multiple doctor websites while working at CCP. The entire process kicked off with meticulous wireframes and mockups, ensuring a solid foundation for the final product. As I delved into the development phase, I leveraged my expertise in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to bring the designs to life, all while optimizing the layout using the powerful Bootstrap grid system.

CCP Mokcups image

CCP Mokcups image

Upon leaving the company, I received a request from my former colleagues to assist them in migrating the site to Weebly. This presented an exciting chance for me to expand my skillset while being a valuable part of the migration process. I gladly offered my help, and the experience turned out to be exceptionally rewarding.

Print + Digital Projects

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At CCP, I used my design skills to create a variety of collateral pieces for doctors and our volleyball team in Long Island, NY. I designed brochures, posters, flyers, and other promotional materials to help doctors promote their services and educate their patients. Additionally, I designed logos and apparel for our volleyball team to help them build their brand. Working on these projects was challenging, but also rewarding, as I was able to use my creativity to help others achieve their goals.